340B Assured is a division of Quick Rx that specializes in working with 340B covered entities. At Quick Rx our mission is to improve the health and wellness of our communities. Working with 340B covered entities is a passion of ours, allowing us to help the people who need it most. Through this program, covered entities are able to stretch federal resources as far as possible in effort to extend to as many eligible patients as possible.

At Quick Rx our ability to communicate with patients about their compliance is unmatched. Our personalized Rx Reports allow us to monitor patient upkeep of their medications in a unique and highly effective manner. Since we have implemented this service we have found compliance increase drastically across all our locations.


Our staff training and self-auditing procedures are thorough and unmatched by our competitors. Customers confidently choose us because we consistently understand and exceed their expectations. We are growing rapidly due to our friendly, competent, and knowledgeable team.


The 340B Assured program allows us to further improve the experience and overall satisfaction of the quality of care for our patients. Everyone at Quick Rx works together to provide a superior pharmacy experience. With nine locations in the NYC area, we are able to provide your medical facility with all the tools necessary to implement your 340B account to its fullest.

For more information, please contact a QuickRX professional.

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